Mindful Expat Episode 27: Creativity & Other Sources of Resilience for Latino Immigrants & Others Living Abroad (With Guest: Carmen Roman, Ph.D.)

Today’s Mindful Expat Guest is Dr. Carmen Roman!

Dr. Roman is a licensed psychologist in the state of California. She is originally from Mexico and practiced as a psychologist there for a number of years before moving to the United States in 2007.

Dr. Roman is bilingual in English and Spanish and offers bilingual and bicultural psychotherapy to her clients in the San José region of California, where she lives. She also has a specialty in creative expression and art therapies.

Dr. Roman also has her own podcast, called Emotions in Harmony, which is a bilingual podcast (in English and in Spanish) and which focuses on topics related to emotional wellbeing – so very relevant to things we talk about here on this podcast too, and I highly recommend you check it out!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

• About Dr. Roman’s experience of moving to the United States from Mexico and her journey of becoming a licensed psychologist in the US, specializing in working with Latinos living abroad and navigating this intercultural space.
• Some of the particular stressors that Latino immigrants to the United States face as well as some of the factors and mindsets that may positively impact their immigration experience.
• About the importance of creativity in helping all people (but perhaps especially those living abroad) come back to their core sense of self, develop a new sense of identity, and find community abroad.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

• Dr. Roman mentioned the app, Insight Timer, which she recommended to help in establishing or support a mindfulness practice.
• We discussed Dr. Roman’s own podcast, Emotions in Harmony (see below for more information).

More about Dr. Roman and how to follow up with her:

To learn more about Dr. Roman, you can visit her psychotherapy website, www.armoniaemocional.com, where you can also read more about the various services she provides.

To listen to Dr. Roman’s podcast, Emotions in Harmony (with episodes in both English and Spanish), you can visit the podcast’s website here or view it on iTunes. There she interview experts on various topics related to emotional wellbeing, with some episodes in English and some in Spanish (appropriate for monolinguals and bilinguals alike!).

You can also find Dr. Roman on Facebook (where she regularly holds Facebook live discussions that you can tune in for), Twitter, or YouTube, and you can email her directly at carmen@ArmoniaEmocional.com.

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