Who I See

couchI enjoy working with people at all stages along life’s journey.

Many of my clients are in the midst of some life transition — adjusting to living in a new culture, changing careers, navigating shifting roles in their relationships, becoming new parents, coping with a major loss such as a death or a divorce.

Many others are grappling with issues of personal identity, struggling with self-criticism or self-doubt, seeking greater self-acceptance and authenticity in their lives and in their relationships, trying to define who they are and what matters most to them.

Or they may be struggling with interpersonal relationships — wanting to develop greater insight into their relational patterns and dynamics, understand how they impact those around them, develop greater assertiveness, or experiment with new ways of relating that might allow them to develop deeper and more satisfying connections.

Other common concerns that bring people in include depression, anxiety, parenting struggles, eating and body image concerns, sexual difficulties, issues related to substance use, and traumatic experiences.

While these are some common themes I see, other challenges and goals are certainly welcome here as well. There is room here for whatever struggles you may be experiencing.

I work with English-speaking adults and adolescents from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as all gender and sexual orientations. I work with people as individuals, couples, or in groups.

Specialty: Expats, International Students, & Others Living Abroad

My area of specialty is working with expats, international students, and others living abroad — primarily those from English-speaking countries, but also those for whom English may be a second language.

I understand first-hand that life abroad presents us with both unique challenges and incredible opportunities for growth and development, and it is my passion to help others living abroad discover and make the most of these opportunities for themselves.

I also specialize in working with intercultural couples or couples whose relationships have been destabilized or otherwise impacted by their life abroad.

Although I do specialize in working with people who are living outside of their countries of origin, I also work with French individuals who speak English and who may be looking for a therapist who has had more integrative training and who brings an international perspective.

Living Somewhere Other Than Lyon? — Another Option: Distance Counseling

For those living outside of the Lyon region — either in another part of France, elsewhere in Europe, or somewhere else in the world entirely — I also offer distance (online) counseling via online video conferencing.

While many people prefer to see a counselor in person, I understand that it is challenging — maybe even impossible — to find an English-speaking counselor in some regions. I believe it’s important that you get support from someone who speaks your own language — both literally and figuratively. This is why I offer distance counseling. To learn more about my distance counseling services, refer here.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact me.

If you’re ready to move forward, you are welcome to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your current challenges and goals and begin to consider what our work together might look like.

It’s important that you work with someone with whom you feel comfortable. If I’m not the right counselor for you, I will do my best to help you find someone who is.