Thanksgiving & Gratitude

fallFall is upon us!

The leaves are changing colors. The air is crisp. There’s the smell of fall in the breeze.

For those of us from North America, this time of year means Thanksgiving — Canadians just recently celebrated theirs, and those of us from the US are gearing up for ours later this week!

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, why not use this time of year as a reminder to step back and reflect on all the things in your life for which you feel thankful?

It’s easy to get focused on what’s frustrating or stressful, what we miss about life back home, or just on the daily grind. But taking the time to actively cultivate gratitude and appreciation for the gifts in our lives can have enormous benefits — to our emotional wellbeing, our physical health, and our relationships with those that matter most to us.

Sometimes we just need reminders. And a little practice.

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