Mindful Expat Episode 6: Reframing Our Challenges as Great Opportunities! (with Guest: Amel Derragui)

Today’s Mindful Expat Guest is Amel Derragui!

Amel is the host of the amazing Tandem Nomads podcast, which is a wonderful resource for expat partners. An adult third culture kid (TCK) and expat partner herself, she has a wonderful, inspiring perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by global nomads. Amel has built a portable career for herself as a freelance marketing and communications consultant, and she now helps other global nomad entrepreneurs develop businesses that feels satisfying and meaningful to them and that work for them in their lives abroad.

What you’ll hear in today’s episode:

• About Amel’s own journey as a third culture kid (TCK), expat partner, and global nomad entrepreneur.
• Some of the common challenges faced by expat partners — especially around issues of personal and professional identity.
• Amel’s philosophy of turning the challenges into great opportunities! (And some tips for how to make this mental shift.)
• The importance of routines and building structure into our lives abroad.
• The importance cultivating gratitude in our lives.
• The importance of expressing our appreciation for our partners (even about the small things).

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

• Amel and I talk about some of the challenges of expat partners in terms of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
• Amel recommends Naomi Hattaway‘s wonderful article, “I Am Triangle,” as well the amazing, supportive Facebook community that has grown out of this article.
• Amel also recommends the book The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, as well as the associated Facebook group.
• If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Tandem Nomads podcast and Facebook community!

More about Amel and how to follow up with her:

Amel is the host of the wonderful Tandem Nomads podcast, which is geared toward expat partners — people who have moved abroad for their partner’s career. On the podcast, she interviews inspiring expat partners and talks about how we can “turn the challenges of living abroad into great opportunities!” You can listen to her podcast directly from her website or through iTunes (or wherever else you get your podcasts). Amel shares a number of wonderful resources on her website, including information about upcoming events and webinars, so be sure to check it out and sign up for her newsletter there. You can also follow up with Amel through the Tandem Nomads Facebook Community.

Amel is a marketing and communications consultant, and her company is called BlinkandC. She helps global nomad entrepreneurs create and develop successful portable businesses that work in their lives abroad. To learn more about her services or follow up with her, visit her website, www.tandemnomads.com.

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