About Dana

I am an American psychologist living and practicing in Lyon, France (Rhône-Alpes region).

I work with English-speaking adults and adolescents, providing individual counseling and psychotherapycouples and relationship counseling, and group therapy.

I specialize in working with expats, international students, and others living abroad (both adults and adolescents) who are struggling with emotional and psychological difficulties and who want develop greater self-awareness and self-compassion, feel more grounded, and develop more meaningful and satisfying connections with those around them. I also specialize in working with intercultural couples and couples whose relationships have been impacted by their life abroad.

Please visit the other pages of this website to learn more about my approach to counseling and psychotherapy as well as the types of clients I work with.

My Story

An expat myself, I moved to Lyon from Pennsylvania in 2014 to join my French partner. Before we met in graduate school, I never dreamed of moving to France — but now here I am, on an international adventure!

Most of my early training was in a community mental health center in central Pennsylvania. There, I gained experience working with individuals struggling with a wide range of emotional and psychological issues: everything from adjusting to life changes (such as a divorce or a career change) to severe mental illness. Much of my later training and more recent work experience took place in university counseling centers, where I worked with both undergraduate and graduate students who were struggling with an equally wide range of issues — from homesickness and other adjustment issues to more serious challenges, such as depression, trauma, and substance abuse.

My specialization in working with expats and intercultural couples has emerged from my own life experience. Still navigating my own expat journey every day, I know that life abroad is full of both adventures and many (many!) challenges. However, I also believe that this experience of living abroad — which takes us out of our element and calls into question many things we have taken for granted about ourselves and the world — can provide us with truly unique opportunities to learn about ourselves and to grow both as individuals and in our relationships.

That being said, it’s up to each one of us to decide if and how we want to take advantage of these opportunities. If you are looking for some additional support and guidance as you navigate your own expat journey — and life journey — I would be honored to work with you.


I received my undergraduate degree (a B.A. in Psychology and Theatre) in 2002 from Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. I went on to earn my M.S. (2008) and Ph.D. (2011) in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University, in State College, Pennsylvania. I completed an APA (American Psychological Association) Accredited Internship in Professional Psychology at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Penn State and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Professional Psychology at the Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD) at the University of Delaware, in Newark Delaware.

I have over 15 years of counseling and psychotherapy experience: prior to opening my practice in France in 2016, I had 6 years of experience working in a community mental health center as well as 6 years of experience working in university counseling centers in the US.

I have my degree equivalence as a psychologist in France and am registered with ADELI (the national registry of health professionals). I am also a licensed psychologist in the US in the state of Pennsylvania.


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!